To advocate for biodiversity and ecosystem health including the restoration and long-term sustainability of fish, wildlife and habitat in British Columbia.



Members of the Fish, Wildlife & Habitat Coalition hosted two events in Victoria on October 18, 2023.  27 organization members gathered in Victoria to represent the Coalition message for the future of fish and wildlife.  

Lunch & dinner were exceptionally well attended by MLA’s and Government.   A brief presentation was given to emphasize our message:

  • Improve management of fish, wildlife and habitat across BC:
    a. Create a strong Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Framework that is implemented and enshrined through legislation.
    b. Legislate objectives for fish. wildlife and habitat to conserve and restore their populations.
    c. Advance a whole-of-government approach to fish. wildlife and habitat management.
  • Strengthen nature in BC through landscape protection:
    a. Immediate action to protect intact threatened and important places utilizing Federal funding opportunities to double the amount of protected land in BC to 3O% by 2030
    b. Work in partnership with First nations to co-develop a provincial process or policy for Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas that provides engagement opportunities and clarity for all land users and stakeholders.
  • Increase and dedicate funding for fish, wildlife and habitat:
    a. Budget 2024 $200m fund for fish & wildlife conservation.
    b. Allocate all funds from wildlife licenses, permits and fines, industry users to conservation.


The Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Coalition represents groups with diverse interests from environmental non-government organizations, hunting and angling guides, conservation organizations, wildlife viewing, ecotourism, naturalists, hunters, anglers and trappers with over 273,000 members and more than 900 businesses across the Province of British Columbia.



A review of government actions suggests that while the government is talking about change, the decline of species and habitat continues. British Columbia is experiencing record low fish, wildlife and habitat values as a result of decades of declining funding and capacity, and inadequate legislation. The British Columbia Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Coalition (FWHC) was formed to advocate for biodiversity and ecosystem health and the restoration and long-term sustainability of fish, wildlife and habitat in British Columbia.

In recent communication to the Minister of Forests, Lands & Natural Resources, FWH has encouraged the provincial government to act immediately to create new overarching legislation that prioritizes ecosystem health, a critical step towards recover of fish, wildlife and habitat.

Decades of resource legislation have priotized resource extraction over ecosystem health.  


  1. The conservation (management, restoration and protection) of habitat across B.C. is fundamental to the needs of fish and wildlife

  2. That all native species should have abundant, self-sustaining populations

  3. That restoration, conservation, policy and management of species and habitat is guided by science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge

  4. The coalition recognizes and respects the constitutionally protected rights of Indigenous peoples and our collective commitment to advancing reconciliation in British Columbia. We will support the process of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, by

    seeking agreement on the protection, enhancement and utilization of fish, wildlife and habitat.





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