fish wildlife habitat coalition logoMISSION: To advocate for biodiversity and ecosystem health including the restoration and long-term sustainability of fish, wildlife and habitat in British Columbia.

WHO WE ARE: The Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Coalition represents 25 groups with diverse interests from environmental non-government organizations, hunting and angling guides, conservation organizations, wildlife viewing, ecotourism, naturalists, hunters, anglers and trappers with over 206,000 members, 67,000 supporters, and 900 businesses across the Province of British Columbia.


    1. The conservation (management, restoration and protection) of habitat across B.C. is fundamental to the needs of fish and wildlife
    2. That all native species should have abundant, self-sustaining populations
    3. That restoration, conservation, policy and management of species and habitat is guided by science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge
    4. The coalition recognizes and respects the constitutionally protected rights of Indigenous peoples and our collective commitment to advancing reconciliation in British Columbia. We will support the process of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, by
      seeking agreement on the protection, enhancement and utilization of fish, wildlife and habitat.


  • Enshrine fish, wildlife and habitat protection into outcome-based legislation
  • Review and modernize other existing related legislation to integrate the needs of fish, wildlife and habitat
  • Increase (sufficient) funding for fish, wildlife and habitat management
  • Create a new governance model


  • Members will accept and work towards the coalition’s objectives
  • Members will share and respect diverse views
  • Members will act in the best interest of fish, wildlife and habitat
  • Members will focus on population and species level conservation
  • Members will support sustainable use and enjoyment of fish and wildlife populations such as viewing,birdwatching, hunting, trapping and angling
  •  Members will support science-based management and decision making
  • Members will support on-the-ground stewardship activities
  • Members will meet with elected officials quarterly

DECISION-MAKING:  The coalition will make consensus-based decisions