Statement on Conservation/Protection of High Value Habitat

The FWH coalition recognizes that, in line with Canada’s land conservation goal, a conservation goal for BC lands and waters of 25% by 2025 has the ability to benefit fish, wildlife and habitat.  The FWH Coalition supports moving towards the 25% by 2025 goal under the following principles

  • First Nations are involved
  • Local stakeholders and the public are involved early in meaningful discussions with the province regarding new protected areas
  • Land securement focuses on high-value areas with particular attention paid to those which are most at risk
  • Long-term investments are made for management and, if required, restoration of new and existing protected areas
  • No loosening of industry regulations outside the protected area system
  • The AAC is reduced proportionally
  • Established uses include: camping, hiking, ecotourism, hunting, angling, trapping are maintained